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Zoey's Story

During lockdown when schools were shut and I was not able to meet my friends. My interest developed in all colours and patterns around me. One day I was going through my wardrobe to cheer me up with nice cloths because I love to dress up. But everything was pink or white, flower or rainbow…they all somewhat looked same. I called my parents and said mama daddy “I don’t like my clothes they don’t make me feel happy!” . They as usual they were interested in what I was telling and what I want. They gave me brilliant idea to draw patterns and paint colours which lift my spirit. I drew some unique pattern and design. They loved it so much that mama said “Zoey you are very creative and I think kids would also love to wear some of ur design as they are very playful”. Daddy said “it's a wonderful thought why don’t we create a clothing brand which is unique and understand what young girls want to wear”.

And that’s how my journey as fashionpreneur started. I played with some vibrant colour and designed different patterns. Mama and daddy made me feel lot of fabrics and I choose the one which was soft and comfortable on my skin.

So here I share my collection with you. Hope you enjoy wearing it as much as I loved creating it.



(Student of year 1)